Who are we?


     Our association, A.P.A. Animalea Nortunde, was born in December 2012 to continue the project of a German organization that was initiated in 2009.

    Villamalea is a small municipality with approximately 4000 inhabitants, but with a great number of abandoned animals. These animals end up in the municipal dog pound where they are sacrificed if they are not claimed within 21 days. By chance, in 2009, a group of German people discovered what was happening and fortunately they began to help the dogs find homes, even taking into account the complicated circumstances of that moment. In 2012, a group of local people seeing this situation decided to get together and form an association to continue helping the animals that entered the pound. From that moment, we have worked hard to make sure that the animals have the best conditions until they can find a family that will give them the love they need, and more than 400 dogs that have passed through the center since then now enjoy homes where they are loved as they deserve.


     We do not have a lot of funds, human resources or time, but a great conviction for what we do, and without the help of volunteers, host families and families who adopt, collaborators and partners, this project would be impossible. We work daily so that this situation can change in our region, which unfortunately lacks laws to protect these animals. Our objective is «zero sacrifice». We have spent years fighting so that this center does not need to return to sacrificing animals and that step by step we can convert it into a refuge.


    The work that we do is the following:

⇒ Collection of abandoned and ill-treated animals.  

⇒ Veterinary assistance to all animals.

⇒ Cleaning and caring of all the installations and animals.

⇒ Giving them the love they need while they are with us, many arriving with major psychological problems.

⇒ Ongoing search for homes.

⇒ Sterilization and castration.

⇒ Meetings and propaganda to help prevent future cases of abandonment and ill treatment.

⇒ Collaboration with other associations, both national and international, with the same objectives.

    Without the help of the people that work daily for this project these animals would not have a second chance, for this we would like to thank the hard work that they do, both those that work here in Spain and the group of German volunteers that work tirelessly to find the best homes.

    For this reason we ask for your support, you can join us and help these animals. We will greet you with arms wide open!