Nuestro Refugio


      The municipal pound of Villamalea was an old cattle enclosure that was acquired by the town hall to be used as the center for abandoned animals. The installations consist of kennels/pens of 1.5 square meters, without exterior access. Here the animals pass 21 days, after which if they are not claimed they are sacrificed.

    Since our association began its project we have revamped the installations, creating enclosed areas where the dogs can run and created new spaces with kennels where the dogs have small patios and access to the open air, this being more comfortable and hygienic for them.

    That said, the installations are old and worn, we have problems with the water pipes, old septic tanks that need cleaning, the area of enclosed kennels needs urgent repair to make it habitable, we are in need of trees to give shade in the summer, we have no electric, and a long list of pending works that we hope to carry out, bit by bit, in the future.      

    Thus, we are working towards the municipal pound becoming a refuge, where the animals can be taken care of in the best possible way until they are adopted.